Review: Shark Super Stainless Razor Blades


As part of the on going experiment, for the last two weeks  I’ve been trying out Shark Super Stainless razor blades. Made in Egypt, the blades lacked the numbering system that I had gotten used to and so I was pretty much just winging it on which side of the razor to use each day. (Many double-edge (DE) razor blades have numbers printed on the razor, which I understand to be something that happens during quality control, and which some people use to keep track of which sides of the razor they recently used.)

Before I get into the Shark blades, a quick word on Derby razor blades.   When I purchased my razor it came with a pack of Derby blades, which I thought did a great job.  In fact, I considered just not bothering to see what other blades were out there because I was perfectly satisfied with the shave that they gave me.  While I don’t have a scientific measuring system for my tests, I’ll probably refer back to Derby from time to time as they are what I’m using as a rough benchmark for performance.  Now, on to the review…

I am very satisfied with the Shark blade. All of my shaves during the first week, from Monday to Friday, were some of the best shaves I’ve had with my razor thus far (several were easily the best shaves I’ve ever had at home). The shaves have been smooth, extremely close, and yet have given me less irritation than I’ve seem to have gotten from the Derby blades.

I suspect this might be because the blade is sharper (it feels like it is), and so it can shave closer with less tugging and irritation. Only one nick, the first I’ve had yet, and it was so minor that it was completely resolved with cold water and aftershave.

This week saw even more improvement.  Combining with better skill at lathering, and improved technique and practice at shaving, the last two days are probably my two best shaves since I’ve started shaving.  I posted yesterday about one, and today has been even better (far and away better, today’s shave really nailed it).

The experiment is just starting, but already I think it’s safe to say I’m not going back to Derby blades. While I have no complaints about Derby, Shark seems to have outperformed them where it counts: on my face. I’m glad I’ve got three more of their blades to enjoy.

I intend to hold on to them and start using a new brand next week.  Later in the year I’ll come back to the Sharks and see how they stack up against the wider field of competition.

Shave on!


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