Uh-Oh: First Blood

It’s been a good run, but after three months I finally found myself with my first bleeder.  While I’ve seen spots of blood before, I decided that I wouldn’t count anything that stopped with or before a cold water wash and aftershave.  Today’s nick survived two cold water washes and aftershave, so while it actually isn’t too bad it technically makes the cut (har-har):

Arrow digitally added.

Arrow digitally added.

It should be of no surprise that this occurred on the morning of my first interview for post-graduate work, because when else would be better?  Luckily it’s not actually that bad, and by the time breakfast was over it had closed up.  A wipe with water and you can’t even tell it was there.  No where near as bad as the one and only time I cut myself with a Mach3, which left three parallel lines along my cheek for the next few days.

But, rest assured this will be noted in the razor blade review (due this weekend, while the shave is actually better than it looks in that picture the quality of shave from these will also be addressed).  I’m sure that the company will be disappointed to know this, as they were doing really well so far, and an obscure blog will likely have significant impact on their Q1 earnings. 


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