As Seen at the As Seen on TV Store

True fact: I’ve only bought one thing from an “order now” television spot, and that was a Ray Stevens video.  Perhaps being purged of such desires by that decision I’ve had no desire beyond novel curiosity.

While surfing a shaving blog on Monday I saw someone mention that Rick Harrison, the owner of the pawn shop on the TV show “Pawn Stars,” is selling a razor on television: the Micro Touch One.  Intrigued I checked out the website, then moved on with my day.  Later that afternoon what did I see in the window of the As Seen on TV Store?

Serendipity baby.

Serendipity baby.

Didn’t see that coming.  A few thoughts:

First, he suggests in the ad that he uses it (or a similar double edge safety razor) to shave his head.  The thought of trying to shave my own head with a safety razor kinda freaks me out, so if he actually does it then good on him.

Second, I have no idea whether it’s a good razor or not (if the company wants to send me one I’ll happily try it out,hint hint!).  But, I’ll admit that at first I was a bit snobbish. 

Thinking more about it though, and after talking with someone who pointed out that you can do a lot in this hobby for cheap, I realize that was a mistake.  It seems kinda silly to scoff at a perceived “cheaper” razor when if anything this hobby ought to be teaching me that value is not always reflected in cost.  Great blades can be found for pennies, bowls and mugs found for a dollar at thrift stores can work great for shaving mugs, shaving cream can found for much cheaper than aerosol, etc.

And if it sells a bunch of razors and helps make double edge wet shaving more popular then maybe stores will start expanding their inventories, which would be great for me. 

So keep selling those razors, maybe I’ll pick one up myself someday.


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