Review: Gillette 7 O’clock Sharpedge

Look at all those sharp edges!

Look at all those sharp edges!

For as cool a name as “Sharpedge” is, it does seem rather redundant.  It’s a razor blade after all, a double edged one at that.  You’d think it would have a sharp edge by nature, preferably two.  But still, I like the name.  What does the 7 O’clock have to do with anything?  Heck if I know.  There seems to be a whole line of them, so it must be working for them.

But the name doesn’t lie, these things can cut, which brings us to our latest review!  For the last two weeks I’ve been using the Sharpedges to see how they shave,  as part of the on going experiment. Made in St. Petersberg Russia I found these blades to be sharp, slick, and a pleasure to use. 

When proper time and attention was given to get a good two pass shave, I found these blades gave a close, smooth, great feeling result.  In fact, while I don’t know whether it was the blades or just improving skills but I think that off all the blades I’ve tried thus far I had the least amount of spot bleeding or irritation with the Sharpedges. 

There was, however, a couple drawbacks.  First, they didn’t seem to give very good one pass, against the grain shaves.  Granted, not many do, but I seemed to notice it more with the Sharpedges.  I don’t know if that’s because it actually doesn’t shave as well, or if I notice it more because it shaves so well with two passes (one with the grain then one against) that I just happen to notice the difference more.  Regardless, notice it I did, and while it wasn’t a bad shave at all it was one that by mid afternoon things were getting scratchy.

Second, there seemed to be some inconsistency sharpness and how well the blades held an edge.  I tried to shave pretty evenly, with each side getting roughly the same use, but with each blade there always seemed to be one side that simply shaved better and one that was a bit more struggley, even if it had been used less.  When things would start pulling with that side using the other always solved the problem.  It seemed to happen with both blades, so when I use the rest of them later I’ll be keeping my eye on them.

How did they rank up?  I think they might be challenging the Shark Super Stainless for my favorite blade.  I’ll need to do a closer comparison between the two (and any others that are competing for the top spot), but I found them extremely comfortable, effective, and user friendly.  Even when I started getting a bit sloppy they seemed to treat my skin well, and that’s a result that’s hard to argue with.  I think I enjoyed the Sharks a bit more, but they were also very early so I’ll need to test them later and see how much of that was the razor and how much was the user.

Verdict: An excellent blade, one of my favorites thus far.  I’d rate it above the Personna, Astra, and Derby, possibly in the top position that Shark Stainless has been holding.

I approve.


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