Grooming Lounge: A Local Shave Spot Gets a Look-see

Points for dapper presentation.

Points for dapper presentation.

Aside from Art of Shaving there aren’t many brick and mortar shaving stores around these days.  While you can find an item or two at most drug stores, few places carry much beyond cartridges, aerosol cream, or shaving gel.  So when I found out I’d be in downtown DC I decided to stop by The Grooming Lounge, a local store which, as the name suggests, focuses on men’s grooming.  While there’s plenty of places online to buy shaving supplies, if there’s a local source I’d like to know what it offers.

The store itself is easy to get to, just outside Farragut North metro station, and unassuming from the outside.  Funny enough, it’s just across the street from an Art of Shaving.  Apparently L street is DC’s razor district. 

Mid block and blending in, it's easy to miss if you're not paying attention.

Mid block and blending in, it’s easy to miss if you’re not paying attention.

The store itself offers a number of services.  While I don’t know what all they provide (I was there for other reasons), I did see a shoe shine spot and I believe I saw an area for shaving.  The staff was extremely friendly and helpful, with one salesperson answering my questions and showing items for about ten minutes.  Of the brands they had in stock they seemed to have the full line, everything from pre-shave oils and shaving creams to face washes and lotions.  With dark wood styling, the store definitely has a classy feel to it.

My focus was on the shaving supplies, and they had a much better supply than most places.  Along with their house brand products, they had a number of items in stock that I’d only heard about online: Proraso, Jack Black, Bluebeard, etc.  While they only had one brand of razor blades, they did have a number of cartridge, double-edge, and straight razors, including a nice Merkur 34c.

Look at all that stuff!

Look at all that stuff!

While the selection wasn’t huge, it was definitely the most I’ve seen in one place before, and there wasn’t much room for more than what they had.  The products tended to lean more toward modern styling, which while a bit disappointing is understandable.  They’ve got to make money, and they’re in a very modern part of town.

I was surprised but happy to find their prices were extremely reasonable.  I picked up a bowl of Proraso, which I’ve heard great things about, and the price was only a dollar more than what it would have cost on Amazon.  One dollar!  For the ease of having an actual location you can go and browse at it seemed like a small price to pay. 

I’m looking forward to trying out what I got, and having heard good things about Jack Black I might be back in the future.  For those in the DC area looking for some good shaving supplies, do yourself a favor and check the Grooming Lounge out.


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