Comparison: Shark Super Stainless v. Shark Super Chrome

As I said last week, any differences that exist between Shark Super Stainless and Shark Super Chrome are not apparent from the outside.  While they come in slightly different packaging, the razors themselves appear identical.  This week I went back to Super Stainless to compare them when they’re both fresh on my mind.  The two blades at issue:

Shark Super Stainless

Shark Super Stainless

Shark Super Chrome

Shark Super Chrome

Aside from obvious differences in photo effort, from the outside there isn’t much visual difference aside from one being packaged in plastic and the other not.  However, after using the Stainless this week I feel confident in saying that there is a difference in the shave the two blades give.

The Chrome blade, as I said last week, is extremely easy to shave with.  You almost have to try and cut yourself with it, it’s that forgiving.  Afterward, my skin always felt great, and on the first few shaves it kept things nice and close.  However, it never got quite as close and smooth as what the other blades seemed to be able to give, and by the end of the week the blade was noticeably struggling.

The Stainless feels sharper, and throughout the week it gives a closer shave.  By the end of the week, when the Chrome would be struggling, the Stainless both shaves closer and with less effort.  However, it is a bit tougher on the skin, and while I never noticed any blood with a Chrome with the Stainless it was not uncommon to see spots where a little blood had appeared.  It always washed off with cold water though, never to return.

Personally, I like the Stainless much more.  While the Chrome is a perfectly fine blade, I like the Stainless’ sharpness and quality of shave.  For a new shaver, I would recommend trying the Chrome first and then moving on to Stainless, while the later is in my opinion better I think the former would be a great blade for someone who is just building their skills and confidence. 

On a final note, I got my first nick today.  I was just wrapping up, last couple swipes, and in a moment of inattention I clipped my nose.  It’s not bad, but it stings just a touch.  The picture isn’t great, but due to the location it’s tough to take one without giving the world a most unwanted view up my nose:



But, I will survive!



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