First Impressions: That’s Brisk Baby

Proraso, Treet, Edwin Jagger, spice, and pig. One slick setup.

Proraso, Treet, Edwin Jagger, spice, and pig. One slick setup.

After learning to lather with Col. Conks, I tried a different shaving soap for the first time today: Proraso Eucalyptus and Menthol.  It came highly recommended from both friends and the internet, both for its quality and for the handy bowl that it comes in.  After some warm water to open up the pores, I loaded the brush and went to work.

As the title implies, wow.

The lather goes on much smoother and silkier than I’m used to, I think this is because Proraso is a softer soap than the hard puck that I’ve gotten used to.  After being used to bayrum scent of my previous soap this had a much sharper small to it.  Not bad, but definitely different, like the smell of barbershop disinfectant. 

Quickly I noticed something else I hadn’t experienced before: it tingles.  By the time I was fully lathered there was a distinct tingly feeling on my face, and as I shaved the spots where the lather was removed felt like a cool breeze on wet skin.  It was very refreshing, and by the time I finished the second lather and pass my face was feeling almost a bit numb and puffy.  A cold water rinse and some spice aftershave and I was feeling great. Even now, almost an hour later, I can still feel residual tingles.

The soap was accompanied with a brand new Treet brand razor blade.  I’ve never used Treet before, but the razor did a great job delivering a close, smooth, even shave on two day old stubble.  I can honestly say that this is the best feeling shave I’ve had in weeks, everything worked together for a great result.  I’m really looking forward to more of this!


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