Money Down the Drain

While walking through CVS the other day I paused in the shaving aisle to see what I’ve been missing since switching to a double-edge safety razor. It seems that in my absence the situation has become even more bleak and frustrating.

I was shocked, for example, to see an eight pack of Fusion Proglide cartridges selling for nearly $40. That’s over $4 each! That’s crazy pants.  Even the more sedate Mach3 cartridges were retailing for about $3 each, which while at one time I might have thought that to be reasonable now it just seems silly.

In contrast, there’s this:


200, yes, two hundred blades for fifteen bucks. 7.5 cents each, and enough to last you two years even if you were using two blades a week (I used one and got by just fine).

Granted, Derby isn’t my favorite brand. But I liked them well enough, they shaved just as well as my Mach3 did and the price is a heck of a lot better.

I fault no one for using cartridges. If that’s what you like and it works for your situation, then by all means, enjoy it.  But personally, I’m glad to have found a new ship to sail on.



  1. Same here, Blake. Even the Gillette Silver Blues I bought at $0.25 each is a huge improvement over the Fusions. I still have a few of them in my travel kit just because TSA has confiscated my DE blades in the past.

    1. I think that’s a good idea, I have my old Mach3 around with my last new head loaded just incase I need to travel quickly by plane and either am not checking a bag or cannot make other arrangements.

      Having options rarely hurts. But for day to day use? Nope. While money is no longer the driving force behind my shaving switch, it sure doesn’t hurt.

      Right now I think all my favorite blades can be had right around the 9-15 cents each range. If I recall right the Gillette 7 O’clocks were around 14 cents or so, maybe 17, and I think they are the most expensive. Even if I end up loving Feather or some other higher price brand, its still relatively dirt cheap.

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