Sunday: The Best Shave of the Week

As my attitude toward shaving has slowly evolved from antipathy to anticipation, weekday shaving has increasingly become an enjoyable and satisfying experience.  But, there remains one day a week which I always find myself most eager and excited to shave: Sunday.  No other day compares to it, the shave always just feels better than usual, even when it probably actually isn’t.

There may be a host of reasons for this, but I’ve narrowed it down what I think are the primary causes:

1) New razor blade- I’ve gotten in the habit of changing my razor blade on Saturday, after a week of shaving.  Thus far that means one of two things, either Sunday is a brand new brand I’ve never experienced, or it means that I’m getting a fresh crack at my face using the experience I’ve built up with a brand throughout the week.  Since DE razor blades each have their own strengths and qualities, one brand might shave quite different from another.  Sunday means I get to build on what I’ve been learning, and apply it with a new, fresh blade.

2) More time- During the week I usually make breakfast for the wife and myself, while we’re both rushing to get ready and out the door to work and school.  We budget our time well enough that it’s rarely a mad rush, but it does mean that when I’m shaving in the morning there’s a time frame that I’ve got to work in.  Not on Sundays.  On Sunday, I can take as much time as I like.  It’s quite, peaceful, and I can simply enjoy the experience.  As Sunday is a day of religious observance to me, that peace is a welcome way to start the day.

3) Stubble- Like everyone else I know, my hair grows everyday.  But since I shave most to everyday during the week, my daily shave tends to be about keeping things in check, maintenance.  My shaves are much closer since switching to safety razors, and so while I’ve got some solid scruff by the next day (and occasionally the night before) it doesn’t have a lot of time for growth between shaves.  But, with my blade dull from a week of use, Saturday has become my day off from shaving.  By the time Sunday rolls around I’ve got a couple days growth and, since stubble feels much coarser with safety razor shaves, I am looking forward to getting it cleaned up.  More work to do, more satisfaction in the result.

Sunday isn’t always the smoothest, it isn’t always the closest or most even.  I’ve had a few that were frankly just bad.  But it’s a rare day that Sunday isn’t the most enjoyable shave of my week. 


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