Razor Blade Review: Feather Hi-Stainless

Light as a feather.  Get it?  Of course you did, it's a terrible joke.

Light as a feather. Get it? Of course you did, it’s a terrible joke.

No other razor blade comes with a reputation like the Feather.  Universally considered one of the sharpest razor blades available, these Japanese blades have the largest and strongest fan base of any other I’ve seen.  I’ve yet to see a discussion of favorite or best blades where it wasn’t mentioned.

Some people, mistakenly thinking that sharper must mean “better”, jump right to the Feather when they first start shaving.  But just because a blade is sharp doesn’t mean it will work for you, and if you don’t have the basics down then it can be a recipe for a unintended bloodletting.

I decided at the outset of the experiment to try and avoid that, and so I saved the Feathers for last.  I’m happy to report that during the testing there were no nicks or even significant blood from shaving too close.  And I’ve come to a simple conclusion: these blades rock.

In fact, as I’m anticipating beginning the second round of testing, I’m starting to think that several of my beliefs about other blades may have been mistaken.

With a number of blades I found that they would give me a good, close shave.  But, after a day or two shaving closely, I’d have to back off a bit and let things recover otherwise the shave quality would drop slightly.  I assumed this was because my hair just wasn’t growing back fast enough, and the close shaves over several days would build up some slight irritation from getting more skin than hair.

But perhaps not.  During my tests with the Feathers I’ve been shaving as close as I have before, and more consistently. The last few days I’ve even been going from my normal two passes to three (first with the grain, second across, then finally against the grain).  To my surprise and satisfaction, even that slight irritation seems to have gone away.

I have a couple theories on why that might be:

1) It was a result of inexperience or bad technique, which I have improved through practice.

2) Whether because of sharpness or smoothness, Feathers work extraordinary well for me.

Either way, these last couple weeks have been some great shaves.

The one downside I noticed is that by the end of the week I was definitely noticing the blade beginning to dull.  Of course, this can be solved simply: either shave less or change the blade more frequently.  But, nonetheless, it is the one downside to the blade that I noticed, especially coming off having just been using the Tweet blades that seemingly shaved forever without losing their edge.

But, that complaint is small potatoes.  The Feathers are excellent blades, and for quality of shave they’ve moved to the top of my list.

Very slick.


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