Review: Derby Extra

For many wet shavers, Derby is the first razor blade they'll experience.

For many wet shavers, Derby is the first razor blade they’ll experience.

In the world of double-edge razors, Derby is the McDonalds.  They are everywhere, they are cheap, and I haven’t seen a lot of people willing to say they like them. 

Derby was the razor that I started safety razor shaving with.  When I purchased my razor the company included a pack of five Derby blades, and I thought they were wonderful.  In fact, I was so impressed with them that I considered just sticking with them rather than seeing what else was out there. 

But where’s the fun in that?

It’s now four months later, I’ve tried out half a dozen other brands and I decided to go back and see how Derby holds up. 

Coming off of shaving with a Feather blade, Derby feels noticeably dull.  Not nearly as sharp as I remember them feeling.  They also seemed to lose their edge faster than I remember, by Friday there was noticeably more effort and attention necessary to get a good shave.

But while I’ve found razors that do almost everything better than the Derby…I like them.

With a little experience under your belt they are about impossible to cut yourself with (which means I’ll probably cut myself the next time I use them).  Using a three pass method you can get a pretty good shave with them (definitely not the closest I’ve gotten, but not bad at all). 

And, of all the razors I’ve gotten, they give the best next day scruff.  Don’t ask me how, but it’s a nice, even, rough stubble that feels great.

Like I said, Derby is the McDonalds of the safety razor world.  And you know what, I like McDonalds sometimes.  Is it great?  Nope.  But does it satisfy in its own way? 

Yes it does.


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