Shaving Experiment: Phase II & Razor Blade Rankings

With the first round of trying my razor blade sampler pack concluded, I’ve now got an idea of which blades work well for me and which don’t.  Really they almost all did alright, but there were a few standouts.  While everyone has different reactions to blades, for me the current ranking is this (with the top several extremely close):

1) Feather Hi-Stainless

2) Shark Super Stainless

3) Gillette Sharpedge

4) Treet Platinum

5) Shark Super Chrome

6) Derby

7) Personna Red

8) Astra

That list is subject to fluctuation, especially since I like most of them for different reasons.  The Astra blades were the only ones that I really disliked, and so that’s why they will be leading off the next round of testing.

What I plant to do is work my way back up the order, from bottom to top, and see if and how my opinion about the blades have changed.  Will things be different with more experience, different shaving creams (for some), different time of the year, etc? 

We’ll find out.  Today I begin with Astra, I’ll give updates throughout the process and write a second review once I’m done that will be added to the review page. 

I’m looking forward to seeing what happens!


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