A Nice Shave: Just What the Doctor Ordered

My first semester of law school I got engaged, and we had our wedding over the winter break.  It was stressful, but since then law school hasn’t seemed too bad and I thought I might have gotten over the hump early.  Yesterday we adopted a dog, in the middle of finals.  I might have been wrong.

This is Malcom, we call him Mal for short. 

He made himself right at home on the office futon.

He made himself right at home on the office futon.

When we first met my now wife and I connected over a mutual enjoyment of the tv show “Firefly”, so the dog was named after a character.  He’s really a nice thing, and currently is passed out next to me chasing squirrels or something across imagination land.

He REALLY like chasing squirrels.

He REALLY like chasing squirrels.

As with any dog, potty training is…on going.  He’s got a lot of energy, and loves to get up into whatever you’re doing.  That’s great for a lot of things, for studying and taking tests, not so much.

I found myself struggling this morning.  The dog wasn’t wanting to go to the bathroom outside, I hadn’t gotten cleaned up, I was stressing tests, and with the wife at work I was on my own to handle things.  At my wits end I decided I needed to do something for me: time to shave.

I didn’t get the prep I usually do.  Just some warm water splashed on the two day growth.  Hot water with Proraso shaving cream felt wonderful.  I’m at the end of the week with my Astra blade, and I normally don’t like them much even new, but it felt perfect today.  The result was not the best shave I’ve had, but it was relaxing to do and it felt terrific to be feeling somewhat clean and normal again.

It’s going to be a heck of a trip having a dog.  I just need to remember that it doesn’t mean I can’t be a human.


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