Review II: Astra Superior Platinum


Featuring probably the ugliest picture I’ve taken.

Normally my reviews come out on Thursday or Friday.  That’s when my razor blades are ready to change and so it makes sense to wrap things up all at once.  This one is a bit early because the result is abundantly clear: I’m just not a fan.

In my previous review I wasn’t thrilled about them.  In fact, they were the only blades I used where I wasn’t looking forward to shaving.  The last two weeks have been more of the same.

Performance wise they actually aren’t bad.  With either two passes or three they got a reasonably close shave.  The blades hold an edge well, and shaving five times a week they were still feeling sharp by the end of it.  While the shaves never felt as close and as smooth as what some of my preferred razors provide, they were just fine for work, school, or church. 

So why don’t I like them? 

For starters, the shaves just didn’t feel great.  While they looked fine and felt close, they didn’t leave my face feeling as clean and groomed as what I like.  The only two major nicks I’ve gotten have both been from Astra blades.  And, while I can’t exactly explain how, shaving with them just isn’t as much fun.

I know a lot of people love them, and if they work well for them then great.  But they’re just not for me. I’ve used them for four weeks and that was enough, I gave away my last Astra blade a couple days ago. 

Maybe someday I’ll change my mind about them, but for now I remain unimpressed.


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