Review II: Personna Platinum Chrome

Probably my favorite shaving photo to take.

Probably my favorite shaving photo to take.

When I first reviewed the Personna Platinum Chromes I remember noting how sharp they were.  Since then I’ve used other blades that feel sharper to me, so I was interested in how I’d like these now that I have more experience under my belt.

First the good things: these blades hold up.  While the first week was a bit slower, I’ve been using three pass shaves for all seven days a week of the last week and the blade did great.   With a new blade on Sunday by the time Saturday came around I wasn’t noticing pulling or tugging associated with a dulling blade.  Keeping the stubble short might have helped that, though I would think that the additional passes would have taken a toll.  But they held up well until the end.

Second, while they aren’t the sharpest blade around they feel like a good middle ground.  The sharpest razor doesn’t always work best for someone, they aren’t a one size fit all item.  Rather, you should try to find the sharpest blade that works for you, regardless of where it falls on the spectrum.  The Personna fits well in the middle.

Finally, enjoy them.  Are they my favorite to shave with?  No, but unlike the Astra (which shaved decently but which I just didn’t enjoy) despite any shave shortcomings I didn’t find myself frustrated or disliking the experience.

There were two downsides I noticed to these blades:

First, for the life of me I just couldn’t seem to get a consistent shave out of them.Some days would be close, others would be rough; some parts of my face would be smooth, the same part on the other side would be alright.  I just can’t seem to get an even shave day to day with them.

Second, while I did like them, other blades just feel more fun.  That may be an odd way to describe razor blades, but I just enjoy shaving with other blades more.  While two blades might get you to the same goal, it seems silly not to notice which one gives you a better experience while getting there.  The Personnas do a good job, and I don’t dislike them, but I just like others more.

But as I said above, they are good blades.  I enjoyed using them, they hold up well, and give a workable shave for day to day use. 


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