Breaking in New Blades

Occasionally you realize something that, in hind sight, you should have realized months before. Today was one of those days.

Since I started shaving with a safety razor I assumed that the first day shaving with a new blade would be the best opportunity to shave well with it. That each blade begain at optimal sharpness and smoothness, with each subsequent shave degrading the blade.

This morning it hit me like a lightning bolt: like many tools and machines, some blades need to be broken in.

Sunday has always been new blade day, and I figured it would be my best shave. But as I was pondering during this morning’s deforestation, I realized that Sunday shaves usually don’t feel the best. In fact, its usually not until Monday or Tuesday that the shaves feel closest and most comfortable.

Though this will take more observation, but I’m now believing that some blades peak around day two or three before declining on shave quality. While this may seem trivial, figuring this out will mean that if there is a big event to prepare for, such as a wedding, interview, date, etc, prior planning will help provide the highest quality shave by coordinating peak blade condition.

This really should not be as interesting as it is, but I’m kinda geeking out!



  1. Just this morning I cut myself on a day one blade. Now it makes sense. Perhaps I should break in a new blade on the back of my neck instead of my face. 🙂

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