Review II: Shark Super Chrome


Shark Super Chrome

Since the previous couple of razors hadn’t felt much different than I remembered the first time I tested them, I expected the Chrome to be the same. I was wrong.

The Shark Super Chrome is the first razor I’ve retested where things felt noticeably different. The last time I remember thinking it felt much like other razors, but more forgiving. While the latter part remains true, I’ve found something else the last two weeks: they feel rather dull.

That’s not to say that they don’t shave well. I’ve enjoyed ample great shaves with these blades. They shave great out of the box and even better once broken in. But the change from what I remembered was so marked that at first I thought it was just a bad blade. When both behaved similarly, it seems more likely that it’s just how they are.

As I said though, they were enjoyable and are very forgiving. My morning shaves have gotten very quick and cavalier, which has the potential to cause problems down the road. But it was something I could get away with with the Chrome, and it was fun to back off from slow and deliberate for a couple weeks in exchange for quick and functional.

If you’re looking for sharp blades, these are still razors. But you can definitely find sharper out there. But if you’re looking for reliable blades that will let you get away with mistakes, these are a great option.


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