Lasts Gasps of a Dying Soap

Col. Conk’s bayrum shave soap was the first shaving soap I’d tried. Before that it was either gels or Barbersol, applied with my hands. But after I purchased my double-edge razor my wife got me the soap and a brush as a gift, and I’ve been loving it ever since.

I wasn’t sure that I would. Lather didn’t interest me as much as the razor, and I wasn’t sure it would be worth the effort.

But what I found was a rich and rewarding experience. My first attempts, in hind sight, were terrible. Then I thought I got the hang of it, and it was fun. In hind sight though, the results here were also terrible. I just didn’t know enough to know that yet.

The last couple months have seen a lot of improvement. More foam, thicker and longer lasting lather, better protection.  When I wore through the puck, the melted remains in a small dish taught me about the benefits of using a bowl to load.

But the time is far spent, and there is little soap remaining. Probably just a few more shaves at most.

It lasted about 5 1/2 months. Not bad. A good soap apparently goes a long way. It also means it may be time to get new soap soon. It’s hard not to simply get another puck of Conk’s, but I’ve heard good thing about some of the other brands out there (such as Mama Bears) so I think I will try some out. Experiment.

In the meanwhile, I heartily recommend Col. Conk’s bayrum. I can’t speak to their other products, but this one treated me well.


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