Review: Lucky Tiger Aftershave & Face Tonic


There stands the bottle.

I’ve never been an aftershave guy. Nor cologne, for that matter. Growing up I remember my dad having Old Spice in glass bottles (and an elk shaped bottle holder), and occasionally for Christmas I would get a small bottle of some type of cologne, but I’d often just forget to use it.

When I took up shaving with a double-edge razor I got a bottle of CVS brand spice aftershave. It worked well, and I grew used to the scent, the soft burn, and the feeling of tight skin that would come at the end of a shave.

But as I explored my options with razors, blades, soaps, and creams, questions naturally arose in my mind about what is out there for after the shave.

I first saw Lucky Tiger on a shelf at Grooming Lounge, and the old timey style of the bottle (plastic, made to look glass) and label intrigued me. I got a bottle a month or two later, just as spring has been arriving.

It was a good decision. Lucky Tiger has a crisp orange scent to it, making it a refreshing start to a spring or summer day. I grew up near orange groves, and my grandparents had orange trees in their yard, so it is a familiar and happy smell to me. The scent fads extremely fast, within a few seconds, giving a burst of citrus before going to your natural smell (allowing you to use other colognes if you want, I rarely do).

There is no alcohol, which took some getting used to. Much like mouthwash, I had associated the alcohol burn with the notion that it was doing something. For the first fee days I wasn’t sure it actually was doing something, and I almost regretted the purchase.

But I found Lucky Tiger is best appreciated with regular use. It is both an aftershave and a tonic, so it is meant to help keep your skin healthy. It leaves my skin feeling soft and slightly slick for hours afterward. At first I associated this with oily, but I soon realized that its just how my skin uses when I regularly use something designed to moisturize.

I still love the sharpness of alcohol based aftershaves, and that is probably be what I try next. But Lucky Tiger has earned a spot on my shelf. If you’re looking for something to invigorate and close up nicks, this may not be for you. But if you’re looking for a smooth and refreshing start, I highly recommend it.


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