6,500 Miles to Shaveland

Flying out of DCA.

Flying out of DCA.

With my sister getting married in Utah, and my wife and I planning a cross country road trip back, I found myself once again with shaving decisions to make.  The situation raised several problems:

  • There would be two plane trips, one of which would be carry on only, and I would need to shave sometime after both.  As double edge razor blades are not allowed in carry on bags, this would be tricky.
  • I wouldn’t be shaving for several days at one point, so when I shaved again I would have more and longer hair than I’ve ever had with a safety razor.
  • There would not be much time to allow a brush to dry during the trip before I would have to pack it, which risks mildew or damage.

The shaving cream solution was quickly solved with a $1 travel size can of Barbersol.  It’s small, consistent, can be applied by hand, and does a good job of lathering.  No need for a brush, and consequently, no need to dry a brush.

Devil's Tower, seriously cool.  Beautiful weather, low crowds, beautiful country, and a magnificent sight.

Devil’s Tower, seriously cool. Beautiful weather, low crowds, beautiful country, and a magnificent sight.

Taking a Mach3 was debated up until the very end.  It would be able to go through the TSA lines, could get lost or left without any heartburn, and it would give me some interesting shaves to blog about.  But the fact that it was my sister’s wedding won out, and I decided to go with my DE razor as I wanted to get the best shave I could for it.

I opted to bring Derby blades with me for several reasons.  First, I had more of them than any other blade so if I threw one or two away after just a couple uses I wouldn’t be hurting (they also only cost about 7 cents a blade, so it won’t break the bank).  Second, I’d be shaving under a bunch of different lighting, water, and time conditions, so I wanted something that was reliably good.  While Derby is neither the sharpest nor my favorite, they rarely disappoint me and are one of the most dependable blades I’ve found to just get the job done.  Finally, since my hair would be much longer I wanted a blade that never gives me problems with irritation.  There are a few of those to choose from, but Derby fit the rest of the criteria so it was the obvious choice.

Sunset in Nauvoo, IL, looking west over the Mississippi river.

Sunset in Nauvoo, IL, looking west over the Mississippi river.

The trip went spectacularly.  We flew out on a Wednesday, I shaved the next morning with a new blade for the wedding, drove to Arizona Friday, shaved on Saturday, dumped the blade and flew to Utah again on Sunday, rented a car and started driving east on Monday (hitting a bunch of landmarks and sights), shaved again on Thursday for the Nauvoo temple (four days growth), then made it back to DC by Sunday. 

St. Louis...yeah, it's a pretty big arch.

St. Louis…yeah, it’s a pretty big arch.

The total miles ended up being around 6,500 in a week and a half.  The Derby proved itself more than up to the task of taking down some extended scruff, and I picked up some great shave soap along the way (but that’s another story). 

Great times, great shaves, and a great vacation!


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