Wall Drug: South Dakota Shave Supplies

Wall Drug is a small drug store, nestled between Mt. Rushmore and the Badlands National Park.  A country stop where I figured I could find some old-fashioned shave goods.

Or, at least that’s what I thought.  It turns out that Wall Drug, located in Wall, SD (a town whose primary existence, from what I can, is to facilitate the drug store), is a straight up tourist attraction.

According the the menu/history pamphlet that we were given, Wall Drug was struggling until the owners came up with the idea to offer free ice water to anyone who stopped.  Several decades later the store now consists of…well, pretty much everything.  Bookstore, restaurant, leather goods, candy shop, giant fiberglass jackalope, an animatronic piano playing monkey, and more gift shops than you can shake a stick at.

And, as it turns out, a small apothecary style shaving shop.

The old fashioned shaving selection.  It's small, but quality.

The old fashioned shaving selection. It’s small, but quality.

Most drug stores these days will carry some off brand razor blades, maybe a generic bar of shave soap.  To its credit, Wall Drug’s stock may have been small, but it was quality goods.  There were several Muhle brand razors, which use the same razor head as my Edwin Jagger de89L (the difference is in the handle).  There was a number of bowls, and even a couple of scuttles, which is a shaving bowl with a hot water bowl underneath to keep the lather warm.

Finally, they had a full line of Col. Conk’s shave supplies, both shaving soap and aftershave.  I’m a big fan of Col. Conk’s, and with my last bar having been used up a couple weeks before I was already thinking of buying more.  Wall Drug’s prices, oddly enough for a tourist stop, were quite good.

So I picked up some souvenirs!


Amber, Almond, and Bayrum.  They also had Lime, but honestly, Lime smelled kinda funny and I didn't see myself using it.

Amber, Almond, and Bayrum. They also had Lime, but honestly, Lime smelled kinda funny and I didn’t see myself using it.

Wall, SD might be a bit out of your way simply to get some shaving goods, unless of course you already live in south-west South Dakota.  But if you’re visiting Mt. Rushmore and places east, it might be worth your stop. 

And they still have free ice water.


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