Cold Water Shave: That’s Brisk

A short update today, tapped out as I go to work.

Many shave guides extol the warm water shave as the only way to go, and admittedly, I normally use warm water as well. But today I was feeling like something a little different, something cool and crisp after my morning run and for a warm summer day.

Lathered with warm water like normal, using Proraso soap. Proraso has a cool tingle to it to begin with, and I thought it would go well with the cold shave. I ran the Feather blade in my razor under cold water, then got to work.

The cold metal combined with the Proraso was a great combination, once the air hit a newly shaved spot it felt like an autumn morning. I’d run the razor under warm water to break up the soap, then once clean I’d run it back under cold to get it ready for skin.

Two passes left me feeling great, then some spice aftershave to give a warming kicker. Perfect.

Headed into work now feeling great, smooth face and no irritation.


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