Review II: Feather Hi-Stainless


When I first tried Feather razor blades I was nervous.  They came with a reputation for sharpness, and are considered one of the best blades you can buy.  I hadn’t had any major shaving incidents, and I didn’t want to start.  But they impressed me so much, and gave a shave so enjoyable, that they were probably the best I’d used thus far.  With this second round of testing, and with some blades that I remembered loving suddenly falling short, I was again nervous, this time that a blade I thought so highly of wouldn’t live up to what I remembered.

To its credit, Feather didn’t disappoint.

Once again I found myself enjoying closer shaves and with less irritation than I have in weeks.  Whether two day growth or daily shaves for work, it did its job well.  So well in fact, that as I begin to look for new blade sampler packs to try it is one of only a couple blades that I’m planning to keep on hand.

The other blade?  Derby, oddly enough. 

That’s something I don’t understand.  Feather is considered one of the sharpest blades out there, best for once you know what you’re doing, while Derby is often seen as a starter blade.  A great start for new shavers.  Yet these two are perhaps the only two that haven’t disappointed me yet. 

I don’t know why this is, but I do know that I like them.  Feather has treated me well, I’m loving the work it does, and it will have a spot in my shave supplies for a long time to come.


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