After Action Report: The Great Shave Experiment

The double-edge safety razor.  A fine blend of form and function.

On Friday of last week an eight month experiment came to an official end: I had used each of the razors in my sampler pack for at least four weeks, and tracked my experience through dozens of written posts.

Along the way I’ve learned a lot, some of which is particular to what works for me, and some which would benefit anyone. Tiny refinements have been made, as well as major changes (for example, I started using one side of the razor on one day, switching sides with each day so, whereas now I use both sides during a shave so that the wear is more even).

And yet, it’s not really over.

Now would be a great time to walk away from things. I’ll keep shaving of course, but having set out with a goal that has now been accomplished it would be easy to declare success and perhaps turn my energy elsewhere.

But I’m having too much fun to do that, so instead I’m going to keep going until I lose interest or time to keep it up.  Because why not?  I still have to shave, I’m still going to be using a double-edge razor, and I’ll still be looking for new and enjoyable shave supplies.  Might as well document it for the fine folk of the internet.

(I guess this means I should update my “About” section.)


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