Review: Gillette Silver Blue

Why Silver Blue?  Shouldn't it be Bluish Silver?  Or Silvery Blue?  It makes no sense, but credit for sounding cool.

Return of the camera phone pictures!

Before trying Gillette Silver Blue, manufactured in Russia and sold by Gillette, questions naturally arise in one’s mind:  Why Silver Blue?  Shouldn’t it be Bluish Silver?  Or Silvery Blue? Perhaps we’ll never know, but what I do know is this: these are some fine razor blades.

After spending a week with one of Gillette’s other products, the Mach3, it was great to get back to a double-edge razor.  I missed the weight, the skill, the balance.  The slow methodical work that results in a great shave.  It was a risk trying out an unknown blade, might have spoiled the fun if it turned out to be a poor fit for my face.

Luckily, that was not the case. I found myself getting consistent, close shaves.  In fact, very few blades that I’ve tried held an edge as well as they did.  By the end of the week, when most blades are showing signs of struggle, the Silver Blues still felt sharp and smooth.  Very few blades shaved as close, very few gave so little irritation, and even less had both.

The only complaint I have about the blades isn’t related to the shave at all.  Depending on how a brand packages their razors, they can come out of the paper with little dollops of glue on the blade.  Sometimes it’s dry, other times sticky. In the case of the Silver Blues it was stickier than usual, which by the end of the week made for a mess to clean up.

But really those were small potatoes compared to the great experience they provided.  They were a joy to use and gave some of the best shaves I’ve had since switching to a DE razor.  The only blade that in my mind currently stands with them are Feathers, which means that at some point I’ll probably need to do a head to head comparison.  I don’t know that I’ll give them the top spot just yet, but they are a fierce competitor.

In short, the Silver Blues are some of the best razor blades I’ve used.  Sharp and slick.  I highly recommend them.


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