Month: April 2015

New York Shaving Company

We visited New York City a few weeks ago for my first time, where a combination of freezing cold and steady rain promptly derailed our plan to do an urban hike through Manhattan.  Finding ourselves at Grand Central Terminal with several hours to kill before a Broadway play, we quickly found ourselves running out of things to see within dry and easy walking distance.  Spotting a nearby shaving place on the Google map, and being blessed with a wife who cheerfully encouraged our visiting it, we found ourselves outside the New York Shaving Company.

Having gone to a couple other dedicated shaving stores I knew somewhat to expect, to my delight I found it to be the best brick-and-mortar shaving store I have visited.

Look at all that stuff!

Look at all that stuff!

Like most other shaving stores two big highlights of New York Shaving are their own line of shaving products, and an in house luxury shaving experience.  I wasn’t able to sample either on this visit, so I can’t speak to their quality, but what I can speak to is the wide range of retail shaving products they had on sale.

Using Art of Shaving as an example, as they are the most numerous shave store around, something you’ll notice is that outside their own product line  their selection is actually quite limited.  They usually have a handful of DE razors for sale, and one or two brands of blades.  Third party shaving creams, soaps, etc, are not an option.

New York Shaving Company went the other direction.  With numerous double-edge razors for sale, third party shaving products, and over a dozen brands of double-edge razors, it was a great one stop shop for a shaving enthusiast.  With more options than I had money for, I finally settled on a pack of Treet Classic (which I spoke about last week) and a pack of Treet “Black beauty” razor blades, which may have been a decorative item but which they sold me anyway.

Guess which one is the "Classic" pack!

Guess which one is the “Classic” pack!

The staff was very friendly, and really tried to help me find something I’d enjoy.  If there is one downside it’s that the prices are noticeably higher than what you can get online.  But what do you expect when it’s a physical location in the heart of NYC, and they’ve got rent and salaries to pay?  The cost, while high, is thus understandable; were I to live within easy access of the store I would happily shell out a few extra bucks to get my supplies there if it meant I had a local, on demand source for my shaving whims.

So if you’re in Grand Central Terminal with nothing to do for an hour or so, see the New York Library.  But if you’ve seen it and STILL have time to kill, check out the New York Shaving Company.  I highly recommend them.