Shaving Basics & Information

The double-edge safety razor.  A fine blend of form and function.

The double-edge safety razor. A fine blend of form and function.

What this is not: A central depository of years of knowledge and experience.  Rather, this is a compilation of posts showing the process I’ve gone through.  What I’ve learned, what’s worked for me.

Shaving is dynamic.  Things change with temperature, location, water, age, all sorts of things.  Each post reflects what I know, when I know it!



Cream of the Crop

Foam Slinging: How to Lather

Proraso: First Impression

Creams and Soap: Getting a Good Lather

Save Your Soap: Melting Old Soap Into a New Puck



Picking My Razor: Three Piece Suits Me

MicroTouch One


General Shaving

Why Am I Shaving Like This?

What the Heck is BBS Shaving?

How DE Shaving Gets You a Better Scruff

Old Fashioned Shaving in a Sarcastic World

Nerves of Steel

Money Down the Drain (Cost Differences Between Cartridges and DE Razors)

The Importance of Shaving During a Zombie Apocalypse

Last Gasps of a Dying Soap

Breaking in New Blades

Razor Upkeep: Dealing With Buildup



Finding Shaving Stuff

Grooming Lounge (DC)

Wall Drug



One Pass, Two Pass, Red Pass, Smooth Pass


Cold Water, Cold Steel

The Rise of the 3 Pass Shave

Breaking in New Blade

3 Pass Shave v. 3 Blade Razor

Chopping Trees and Plowing Fields: Proper DE Razor Angle


Travel Shaving

Shaving on the Fly (1)

Shaving on the Fly (2)

6,500 Miles to Shaveland


 Shaving Links

Shaving 101

Badger & Blade



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