From time to time I’ll be posting reviews of items.  Primarily these will be razor blades, but it’ll also include other things as seemingly appropriate (shaving soaps, cremes, brushes, aftershaves, cool stuff, etc).


Razor Blades

Astra Superior Platinum

 Astra Review II


Derby Extra


Feather Hi-Stainless

Feather Hi-Stainless Review II


Gillette 7 O’clock Sharpedge

Gillette Sharpedge Review II

Gillette Silver Blue

Gillette Super Thin




Perma-Sharp Super

Personna Platinum Chrome (Red IP)

Personna Review II


Shark Super Chrome

Shark Chrome Review II

Shark Super Stainless

Shark Stainless Review II

Comparison: Shark Super Stainless v. Shark Super Chrome

7 O’clock Sharpedge Review II


Treet Dura Sharp

 Treet Platinum

Treet Platinum Review II


Wilkinson Sword


Shaving Soaps/Creams

 Col. Conk’s Shave Soap- Almond

Col. Conk’s Shave Soap- Bayrum


Proraso (Green)



Lucky Tiger


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